Alan D. Christensen | President
As founder and president of CCC since 1977, Alan’s responsibilities vary widely. The majority of his time is spent on product development. Much of this involves looking at new hardware and software technologies and finding ways to help customers use these to benefit their businesses. He enhances CCC’s existing products by adding software features to increase functionality and capabilities for customers. He also interacts directly with customers by assisting the Customer Resource Center as needed.

Alan sees his key contribution to customers as being able to look toward future products that will help them, even if these are several years down the road. He spends a lot of time listening to customers’ needs and analyzing emerging technologies to see what he can help develop.

Alan’s greatest pride is seeing their ideas turn into products, and seeing the customers excited about how much these products help them to better run their businesses.

Marcus Christensen | Co-Director of Support/Customer Relations
Marcus, the son of our founder Alan Christensen has been with CCC for 10 years. In high school, he started with CCC in reception. Since earning his business degree, he has been working in various departments and capacities to learn the operations of the company and the clients we serve. Over the years, Marcus has learned the ins and outs of the YMCA/YWCA/JCC market, building relationships between them and CCC. He brings a wide variety of innovative plans to our CCC team, creating the future for our company. Today he is responsible for the Customer Resource Center and customer relations.
Bill Buerger | Vice President, Software Development
Having joined CCC in 1978, Bill brings many years of software-development experience to CCC product development and is responsible for designing and implementing changes to all new and existing products.

Bill believes it is important to develop products in partnership with customers while always looking to the future of the industry as a whole. Working cooperatively with the president and other program staff, Bill works to incorporate changes in the marketplace with enhancements to the CCC product line. Seeking better ways to help customers spend more time serving their client base and less time working with the software is the pillar of his development philosophy.

Tim Blanchette | Vice President, Web Development
Tim joined CCC in 1991 and has worked in nearly every aspect of the product development and customer support before heading development of our Web-based products.

Tim believes it critical to provide CCC customers with the most robust product line available for online services. Constantly working to improve the product is paramount to him. His vision for the products are driven by CCC customers’ wants and needs coupled with a watchful eye on the development of new technologies.

Terry Hartenstine | Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Terry works directly with the YMCA/YWCA/JCC market to assist them in making the right choice as it relates to their software provider by conducting online and onsite demos. His mission is to provide information regarding CCC’s fully integrated software modules and peripherals and how they are created specifically to perform the day-to-day functions of their non-profit associations. He maintains a constant line of communication with existing customers through ongoing peripheral sales, exhibits at their many conferences, and also in the creation of users’ groups across the country.

Terry was an accountant and a customer of CCC when he began using AccounTIME software. He eventually joined CCC as an employee in 1997, bringing with him strong, experienced business knowledge without the hard sales approach. He spends a lot of time with potential customers, and enjoys showing them what CCC’s product lines can do for them.

Terry takes pride in the positive, friendly relationships he has with the strong customer base he’s helped to build, and being able to provide software, products and services that help them better serve their members and communities.

Brian Carlson | Hardware Service Manager
Brian oversees the daily operations of the Service Department located in Rolling Meadows, a suburb of Chicago. He and two other service technicians provide onsite service for LANs, WANs, PCs, and printers in the Chicago metro area and southern Wisconsin.

Brian is the Fargo Repair Technician for CCC and is required to re-certify yearly in Eden Prairie, MN. He also installs equipment onsite for YMCAs at the request of CCC’s Arizona office.

Brian’s greatest pride working at CCC is working for a steadily growing company and contributing to its success since 1990.

Wendy Badgett | Vice President of Operations
Wendy Badgett has been with CCC since 1993 and is responsible for all aspects of CCC’s OpTIME and FundTIME product functionality throughout the development cycle. With her extensive knowledge of CCC databases, Wendy works with new customers during the process of converting their existing data into the CCC product line. Helping guide customers through the conversion process and providing better understanding is always her goal.

Wendy also serves as liaison between the Customer Resource Center and other members of the programming staff, balancing customer wants with the technical aspects of the product line and achieving those wants in a practical manner. In her role as Vice President of Operations, Wendy is involved in all aspects of operations to facilitate the goals and objectives of the company, from day-to-day leadership to strategic planning. With the customer always foremost, Wendy oversees the Customer Resource Center to ensure its effectiveness in assisting CCC’s customer base.