Take the guesswork out of your facility’s maintenance with CCC’s “Maintenance Manager” module…

CCC’s Maintenance Manager module is designed to provide a file for tracking assets as well as their associated work order and maintenance records. The module integrates with OpTIME’s Front Desk to provide staff with the ability to enter work orders, as well as check on the status of existing work orders. Our CCCTIME Maintenance Manager module is the tool to keep the status of maintenance work orders available for all staff and facilitate communication between the maintenance department, staff and members.

GREEN PAYROLL? MyPY, a paperless payroll portal, makes its’ way to CCC customers!

If you are concerned with the enormous amount of paper your organization uses on Payroll-related issues alone, consider MyPY. CCC’s MyPY is a web-based application that gives access to payroll information for current and former employees. Integrating with CCC’s AccounTIME&trade Payroll module, this application gives easy access to information such as any paid time off. In addition, employees can view their payroll histories at any time throughout the year. If your organization provides for Direct Deposit, with MyPY there is no need to print checks, as employees will have easy on-line access to their pay stub information as soon as payroll is posted. Go GREEN, and go MyPY!

“KeepTIME” – Time clocks just got simpler!

Previously called “Payroll Time Clock”, CCC’s KeepTIME software module has been upgraded to interface with a NEW Time Clock Ethernet Terminal. This module provides the capacity to add electronic time capture to your AccounTIME Payroll Module. KeepTIME is fully integrated into the Payroll module and creates an electronic transaction file of all payroll transactions captured by a hardware device such as a PC or the NEW Time Clock Ethernet Terminal. It eliminates the need to manually record employees’ time transactions and therefore saves hours and hours of data entry time. Keeping time – with KeepTIME!

Print Temporary Guest Pass Name Badges right from Front Desk!

If your association is looking to increase security without incurring a great deal of cost, the KeepTIMEDYMO LabelWriter is just what you need to print temporary guest passes with all the information you need, including an expiration date. “Temporary” guest passes can be printed directly from Desk. In addition, the KeepTIMEDYMO LabelWriter works very well with those who use the Document Scanner to scan drivers licenses. Eliminate the hassle of printing labels off a standard office printer. Direct thermal printing means you never change a ribbon, toner or ink cartridge. The only supplies you ever need are the labels for the KeepTIMEDYMO LabelWriter. © 2009 DYMO. All rights reserved.

APPLE’S new iPad, and what it can do for YOU!

ANOTHER remarkable technology tool – the iPad from Apple! How does the iPad relate to you and to CCC? The iPad connects to your server to run all of CCC’s software. This means that the iPad operates just like your PC operates – with the added advantage that you can carry the iPad with you wherever you go! Incredibly clear, the high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS display on the iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid. And because it uses a display technology called IPS (in-plane switching), it has a wide, 178° viewing angle. So you can hold it almost any way you want and still get a brilliant picture, with excellent color and contrast. With an all-day battery and wireless and/or 3G cell data service, there are no limits to what you can do with the iPad. Take the iPad with you to Camp sites; Child care sites; Aerobics class; Swim Class; Events; Residence. CCC has even equipped the iPad with a bar code scanner to scan bar codes remotely. Even more incredible is the affordability of this light-weight tablet. Find out what everyone is talking about, and then put it to work for YOUR association! Another first – only from CCC! iPad is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Copyright © 2010 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Making sense of it all with solar panels!::CCC is proud to announce we have just finished installation of solar panels on our corporate office in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Taking the plight of our precious planet seriously, the staff at CCC has, for years, been encouraged to recycle cans and plastic – rather than having them sit somewhere in a landfill. We even recycle paper and paper products. We would rather email than print on paper if it means saving a tree. If we must use paper, both sides are used before shredding for the recycle bin. So it just made sense to take our efforts a step further. With fossil fuels being a nonrenewable resource, whose supplies will eventually run low and either become too costly or too environmentally harmful to manufacture, it made sense to look at solar energy. The use of solar energy not only reduces our reliance on these fuels and other natural resources that are used to generate electricity, but also the adverse effect the making of electricity has on our environment.

Making sense and finding a fit came together when Alan, President of CCC, found a company right in our own back yard that would implement a plan to generate approximately 50% of our energy needs with clean, renewable solar power. “SolarMax Design”, located in Phoenix, Arizona, began construction of all solar panels right in our parking lot.

An enduring natural resource that regularly replenishes itself, there is no need to worry about a diminishing supply; no costs are involved in its transport and solar energy is available any place the sun’s rays touch. And since solar energy systems produce the most electricity when the sun is out, implementing this technology in Arizona – where the sun shines 355 days a year—just makes sense.

CCC’S New Document Imaging

Are you tired of office clutter with all the required forms for payroll, child care, and membership application forms? Would you like the ability to quickly retrieve and review a document from any department, anywhere in your association? CCC has now integrated the ability to store and retrieve documents from within CCCTIME.

The scanner is available in single sided or duplex mode. It can also scan driver’s license data and populate key data fields such as name, address, date of birth, etc. How SIMPLE can it be?

From the Master record, a new Image and Forms functionality has been added. These options scan, and then using the “form” option, review the documents on the Image Display screen. Security levels can be set to restrict viewing based on your staff member’s level of security.

So forget sifting through files, calling different departments or rummaging through papers for information & get CCC’s Document Imaging and all the information you need is at your fingertips.


CCC’s latest technological solution for data exchange from Remote locations! We worked with Sprint/Nextel and Airclic to create an integrated solution for the collection of a variety of data from remote locations for use in CCC application software. This solution uses a two-way communication method, meaning data can be sent TO mobile phones as well as received FROM mobile phones for updating into CCC’s databases. Your association gains enhanced business and technological efficiencies, while reducing time spent on manual processes, such as attendance tracking. All tracking is verified in ‘real-time’. The Sprint/Nextel mobile phones also include GPS tracking data, which means that you, or parents, can track ‘in-motion’. CCC was the first to develop this product and worked intimately and extensively with Airclic to provide this solution to the YMCA and YWCA market. Please contact CCC’s sales department for more information.


CCC’s new AccounTIME module is a unique tool for the creation of budgets. Several associations volunteered immediately to be beta sites with terrific results. Budgeting has never been easier! Associations that are now taking advantage of BudgeTIME’s abilities are giving it rave reviews. Contact CCC’s sales department to find out more about this unique tool that will assist you in getting the most bang out of your bucks!

Priority Registration

Priority Registration has been added to handle special groups of individuals who you wish to grant preference before members and non-members. Who knew it could bethis easy?


ExecTIME now includes a valuable feature that not only gives you the ability to send a daily email to key personnel each day, but also enables this email to present statistics in the form of a graph. The important data you send is instantly understood by those you select to receive it.