Support Services
CCC has worked within the member-affiliated non-profit sector for the years it takes to understand your specific and extraordinary needs. The end result is an organization that runs smoothly, seamlessly, and is in the best position at all times to ensure ongoing success.

Support Levels
CCC offers four flexible levels of support to suit your individual needs. With all levels, CCC’s Customer Resource Technicians are readily available to provide technical support and guidance on any number of support issues. When it comes to making those tough decisions, you can count on the expertise of CCC’s staff to guide you through.


New Customer
Each new go-live on our software is coupled with a Customer Resource Technician dedicated to your association for 60-days.


Online Support
Once you obtain your Customer Number and Password, you can manage your communications with CCC’s Customer Resource Center through our online Customer Support System. To access, click on Client Login at the top of the screen. If you need assistance or have lost your password, please contact our Customer Liaison Terri Czarnyszka.


Quality Assurance
Providing extraordinary customer support on which your business can consistently depend is our goal. To that end, our Customer Resource Center and our Quality Assurance departments are managed jointly, so that our support personnel are always well informed of new product functionality.


CUE (Catch Us Exceeding)
Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Customer Resource Technicians work diligently to make sure you are happy with CCC… but we always strive to do better.


If you would like to know more about our customer services, send an email to