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All summer long, we had a screening station set up at the entrance to our building where staff took members’ temperatures, checked mask placement and asked some health questions. With no end to the screening requirements in sight, we needed to find an alternate solution so that our staff could focus on their regular job responsibilities. Terry reached out to us to share information about an affordable new machine that takes temperatures and verifies proper mask placement and we decided to give it a try. Our pre-assembled Temperature-Mask Kiosk arrived a few weeks ago and setup couldn’t have been simpler. All we needed to do was plug it in! We placed the kiosk by our check-in desk and as each member enters the building, they stop at the kiosk to be screened and then a membership associate asks them the health questions when they scan their membership card at the check-in desk. The process is going really smoothly and our members seem to enjoy using the machine. For health and safety purposes, the machine eliminates the need for close contact between an employee and member in order to use a handheld thermometer- a huge win! We are so glad that we ordered the Temperature-Mask Kiosk and would definitely recommend it!