Our Mission Statement
To be the Number One provider of quality software and hardware solutions in every market we serve. To furnish our customers with the tools they need to be competitive in their respective marketplaces; To provide incomparable after-the-sale support and service to those customers who have faithfully placed their trust in what we can do; To build working relationships based on openness, honesty, trust, respect and effective communication; To foster a corporate culture of creative, motivated and empowered employees; To live up to our motto that we indeed have. . .

“The Right People. The Right Answers”.

A Historical Perspective
Alan D. Christensen founded Christensen Computer Company, Inc., in 1977. Alan’s experience in the computer industry started with an interest in microcomputer home-built kits. While earning his B.S. in Physics, Math and Computer Science from Principia College, Alan also worked full time as the college’s data processing manager. After graduation from Principia, Alan was employed as a software project leader at Continental Bank in Chicago. It was at Continental Bank that Alan met Bill Buerger who was employed at the time as a programmer for certain banking projects. Alan left the bank shortly after starting CCC, and hired Bill soon after. Today, Bill Buerger remains an integral figure in the development of CCC’s software products.

CCC’s first office originated in Glenview, Illinois. CCC still maintains an office in Illinois, which is now located in Rolling Meadows. To establish a greater presence in the marketplace, as well as gain much needed space, CCC expanded its operation with a move across the country in 1986. This expansion included the relocation of four Illinois employees, three of whom remain a vital part of the company’s growth. CCC’s southwest office, located in beautiful Fountain Hills, employs from as far away as Mesa and Gilbert, and as close as Scottsdale, Arizona.

CCC develops turnkey computer solutions and today serves a nationwide marketplace of more than 700 companies. Since 1977, CCC has met the needs of its market by offering affordable network systems, flexible software packages and comprehensive technical support. In its early days, CCC sold only microcomputers to small and medium size companies. In the beginning, CCC’s main venue for its software was on Alpha Micro computer systems, a company based out of California. When Personal Computers became the future, Alan Christensen and Bill Buerger, through great research and development, were able to program CCC’s software products to run on a multitude of platforms.

Today, CCC has an extensive line of software solutions for fundamental and specialized business needs that are all fully integrated and run on Windows 2008 servers and later. This product line is continuously updated and expanded as customers’ needs evolve. New technologies in both hardware and software continue to emerge at a rapid pace, creating limitless choices for businesses today. CCC plans to be on the cutting edge of these newest technological advances — today and in the future.